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Self- Study

Online Classes

Past Classes available as Self-Studies:

Purchase any of Lori's completed online classes and LOYO (Learn On Your Own) at a huge discount!  Perfect to treat yourself if you missed them the first time around or give as a gift to a friend, student or instructor!  All of these classes were conducted via Facebook groups. Participants will receive access to the online group, all the content (exercise files and demo videos, if applicable), homework videos from those who took the class and Lori's in-depth video feedback.  While these aren't active classes, Lori will be available to answer questions. Plus, there is no expiration to accessing the information and content!   

Join each class for $27 or all 10 for $150! 

See below for description:

Total Teamwork:   Sure, you have trained all of the obstacles and practiced all the fancy handling moves, but have you taken time to really focus on those Non-agility agility skills that factor into your team’s success in the ring?  These are the fine details that many off us gloss over because we don’t directly see their impact on our performance, but they are what keeps good teams from becoming great teams.


What's My Line?  Can you predict your dog's path and know how to affect it so he takes the lines you want on course?  This is an integral part of making handling decisions and being a proactive handler.  In this class, you will make discoveries as to your dog's natural paths and how you can manipulate the lines to take out off course options and allow your dog to run at optimal speed. 

Help! My Dog is Faster Than I Am!   Do you ever feel like there are places on courses that are impossible for you to handle because you simply can’t get there? We don't have to run like Usain Bolt to be successful! Most likely, you CAN get there if are able to perform obstacles at a greater distance, trust your dog’s ability to read a line of jumps or have well defined verbal cues. These are a few of the topics we will cover in this class designed to help you remain “ahead” of your dog (in terms of handling proactively) and able to tackle courses with more confidence in your ability. 

Just 4 Jumps:   Do you have a small training space and room for just a few jumps? Only have a few minutes to train every day? Don’t despair! 4 Jumps is all you really need keep your handling skills sharp! Lori shares a set-up each week with multiple drills designed to fine-tune your skills and teamwork with your dog. 

Super Starts:   The success of any run depends greatly on how well you start as a team with your dog.  Does your dog pull you into the ring?  Have you been struggling for better start-line stays?  Do you wish your dog would drive off the start with more focus and speed?  Do you feel restricted in your handling options in different start-line scenarios? If so, this class will help you identify specific areas you can improve your teamwork with your dog and start off on the right foot (or paw) in competition.

BadAss Blind Crosses:    As courses are getting faster, the need for the handler to keep in constant forward motion increases. The answer? Developing badass blind cross skills! Lori introduces various types of blind crosses that can be applied anywhere from Novice to International competition.​  As importantly as learning when and where to apply blind crosses, this class also discusses when other types of crosses may be a better option. 

MORE Badass Blind Crosses! 

You asked for it, here it is!  Lori's initial Badass Blind Cross class introduced students to the basics of when, where and how.  This class continues where we left off and challenges participants to expand their blind cross comfort zone by applying them in longer sequences.  Equipment needed is 7 jumps and a tunnel.  The training space we use will be no larger than 50' by 70', but don't be fooled, there will be PLENTY of running!

Jump Commitment: Trusting in your dog's commitment to take jumps on cue is a vital aspect in being a proactive handler.  If this is something missing from your toolbox, this class is for you!


Power-packed Small Sequences:   Do you have a small space and need som inspiration for training exercises?  The solution is this class containing challenges designed to keep your teamwork sharp on exercises for all levels, including distance and snooker-type skills.   Lori's Small Sequences class uses 4-5 jumps and a tunnel in smaller spaces.  Space necessary is between 40-50 by 50-60 feet.

Which Way is Faster?  In this class, Lori offers 6 exercises where there are a variety of choices in dog path and handling options.  Which way is fastest for you and your dog?  Take this class to find out and see what was fastest for all of the participants!

The 2017 and 2018 Living Room Agility Project Package: The 2017 LRAP was such a huge success that Lori expanded it in 2018!   Members have access to a variety of exercises focusing on new training tools, teaching new skills and tricks, defining criteria, impluse control and more- all that can be trained and refined in your own home. 

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