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Lori's clients range from pet owners just getting started in the sport to internationally-successful competitors and include junior to senior handlers and everybody in between.   Here a just a few testamonials form Lori's clients:

Thank you once again for all of the help you are giving me with my dog. I  can see her coming out of her little shell. Both she and I had a great time last night! I am so glad that you are here and are willing to work with us. You are a wonderful teacher with incredible "dog and handler sense," which allows you to effectively individualize instruction.

Wow!  What amazing, thorough feedback on my video!  You caught every little detail I missed and it will be so helpful moving forward.  

I have asked for private lessons for various reason with different dogs.  Lori's insight to whichever dog I bring is astonishing, if I didn’t know better I’d swear knew my dogs better than me!

What always amazes me about Lori is her unending enthusiasm and her patience.  I also love her attention to detail and to the consistent performance we expect from our dogs.  She expects me to also be consistent in training and sees the "little things" I miss i.e. the details that can make or break an agility run.

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