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Puppy PLANS: Raising Aero,Dynamically!

CALLING ALL PUPPY OWNERS!  Join me on the journey of raising Aero!  This will not be a structured class, just the chronicles of the what, why and when during our first 3 months.  I promise it will be Aero-Dynamic (because the first lesson puppies teach us is that of flexibility and being able to adapt for what THEY need)!  There will be tons of video of our adventures and training sessions with explanations as to how/why I may alter my approach and determine when he is ready to progress. And I will cover pretty much everything such as basic relationship building, developing daily living skills,shaping behaviors, creating toy drive, teaching impulse control, playing games that will grow into tools for agility and most importantly, just basic puppy shenanigans!!! I am going to be very open with both the process and our progress. I think it is super easy to edit and show only the “good” bits, but it is seeing ALL of it that truly helps us become better at molding these babies into future stars. I expect to make plenty of mistakes along the way, but that is just a part of what makes it a grand adventure. That transparency is what I am most excited about sharing and I feel it often gets missed in a structured puppy classes. 


Subscribers will be members of a closed Facebook group.  You are welcome to ask questions, share ideas and post your own videos for feedback! This group will be "live" from December 10, 2018 to March 10, 2019, but your access to the content never expires!  If you currently have a puppy, are instructing puppy classes, or will be getting a new addition in the near future, this is the group for you! 

Jump Commitment Basics:

As agility has grown as a sport, so has the need for more "balanced" teamwork between handler and dog to navigate the challenges.  One area we can delegate some more responsibility to our dogs is jump commitment.   This class will focus on everything from very basic send cues to being able to cue a jump and leave while your dog is still traveling to it.   Unlock the potential to be a more proactive handler and trust your dog's commitment.

*Note there will be a few exercises in this class will be similar to those we worked in "HELP, My dog is faster than I am."   While the foundation of the exercise may be similar, we will be expanding them and applying them in scenarios specific to this class. 

Equipment requirements are 4 jumps and (preferably) a tunnel.  

What is included with these classes?

This class will begin December 3, 2018 and conclude January 21, 2019.  The schedule is as follows:

Dec 3 - Week 1 Content Posted

Dec 10- Week 2

Dec 17- Week 3

Dec 24-31 Happy Holidays and catch-up week

January 1-Week 4

January 7- Week 5

January 14- Week 6

January 21 Conclusion of class and video review. 


This class is conducted via a private facebook group and here is what each participant will receive:

-Access to the private Facebook group. 
-Downloadable PDF files for each lesson to make your own class workbook. 

-Demo videos for each lesson

-Unlimited Q&A

-Community support from other classmates

-Non-expiring access to the content after class is completed.


Class fee is ​$60 

**Please note that this class is still "live" but you need to contact me if you want to join as online enrollment has ended***

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