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Wraps and Pushes and Pulls, OH MY!

Now that agility training has evolved to a place where we can feasibly have 9+ verbal cues for a single jump, we need to make sure that we provide our dogs with the proper understanding of the complex behaviors associated with what we are asking them to perform.  Old school methods tend to just start applying a cue to a certain situation and have the dogs learn through trial and error.  This does not typically result in the dog having fluent verbal cues without a lot of supportive information via our location, motion, body cues, etc.  


When we teach these behaviors from the dog's perspective, from the ground up and in manner that makes sense to them, we are able to teach the behavior, attach the verbal cue and then apply the cue to the obstacle. The result is behaviors that are performed with greater confidence, speed and independence.  In this class, we will focus on the foundation skills that will then be applied to teaching directional jump wraps, Pull wraps (aka threadle wraps), Pull slices (aka threadle slices), Push wraps and slices (backside sends), tight turns out of the tunnel and pulls to the off-side of the tunnel (tunnel pulls).  The progression of class over 4+ months allows the dogs to learn behaviors prior to introducing new skills, thus reducing their confusion and learning more efficiently.   This is the reason the class length is extended so dogs/handlers may work at their own pace.  


Module 1,  July 24:  Conework foundation for Wraps, pushes and pulls.

  • Defining pushes/pulls/wraps.  What are they and how are they used?

  • What are we looking for in cone circling and why? 

  • Offering cone circling with basic variables 


Module 2, August 7: Wraps

  • Using cone circling to teach directional wrap cues

  • Jumping mechanics to improve bending/rounding

  • Applying wraps to jumps

  • Variables and discriminations


Module 3, August 21: Pull Wraps (threadle wraps)

  • Using cone skills to teach pull wrap cue

  • Applying Pull /wrap cue to jump

  • Variables and discriminations


Module 4, September 4: Pull/Slice (threadle/slice) 

  • Teaching pull/slice cue on jumps

  • Variables and discriminations



Module 5, October 2: Push wraps

  • Using cone skills to teach push/wrap cues on jumps

  • Applying skills to jump

  • Variables and discriminations


Module 6, October 16: Push Slice

  • Teaching push/slice cue on jump

  • Variables and discriminations

Module 7, October 30: Tight turns out of tunnels

  • Using cone skills to teach tight turns towards the handler out of tunnels 

  • Applying skills to the tunnel

  • Variables and discriminations


Module 8, November 13: Tunnel pulls (tunnel threadle)

  • Using cone skills to teach tunnel pull cue

  • Applying skill to tunnel

  • Variables and discriminations


Class Format:

Taught via facebook.  Class begins July 24 in regards to answering questions and providing feedback, however the first module will be posted the week prior.  Working spots are limited.  Each new module will be presented every 2 weeks.  Participants will have access to all of the information, ask questions and post up to 2 videos/week for feedback.  Auditors will have access to the material and are welcome to ask questions.  The class will be open for Q&A and video feedback through the end of 2023.  Participants will have unending access to the course material.  



Working spots are $400 if paid in full prior to the beginning of class, $500 if splitting payments of $250 front and the remainder at the beginning of the second half.  You may also choose a la carte for $100 each module (Note that the first module is required in order to access the others).  This can be paid and accessed as each module is posted.  


Auditing is $200 for the entire set of modules access.


When booking, Please ignore the class "schedule" on the booking form. :) Class begins on the 24th and runs through the end of the year.  There are no specific class times.  


There will be self-study options available once the class is completed.  

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