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Live Online Classes

Pushes and Pulls- Foundations: To excel on many of today's courese, it is vital to have verbal push and pull cues in your toolbox.  In this 6-week class, we will cover teaching the basics of these skills from the ground up including mechanics of collecting and bending to the various handling cues that accompany them. This class is also appropriate for puppies over 6 months of age as these skills can be introduced and taught with no jumping.  Required equipment is only a cone and a wing jump.  A tunnel is useful, but not required. You can also teach these skills with minimal space!



Flatwork Fundamentals: This 6-week class is the perfect opportunity to introduce your puppy or young dog to basic agility flatwork skills or to go back and reinforce them with our competition-level dog.  This class includes basic foundation handling skills such as recalls to hand/side, sends, rear crosses, wraps, building commitment, etc.  The best news is you can do most of it with little to no equipment and minimal space! 


As with all of Lori's live, online classes, you will get a weekly workbook, video demonstrations and instructions, in-depth video feedback on your homework, and unlimited Q&A!  


Register HERE! Class starts April 1!

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