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Lori Michaels

Lori Michaels has been an avid dog training enthusiast since childhood and dedicated to the sport of agility over the last 23 years.  She has gained respect in the agility community for her devotion as an instructor and coach,  Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping others meet and exceed their goals with their own dogs, whether it be her local students or those she teaches via seminars and online classes around the globe.  

While Lori has owned and been competitive with her Shelties and Border Collies, she has personally trained and handled a variety of breeds from Papillons to Great Danes. Lori and her dogs have made countless podiums and finals appearances at AKC Nationals, Cynosport and US Open.  Her fist international competitions came when she and Skye (Sheltie) were members of the AKC/USA Agility World Team in 2006 and 2007, helping their team finish 4th in 2007.   

Alongside her amazing Solei (BC), Lori was honored to represent the US on 8 international teams between 2012 and 2017  (WAO, IFCS and FCI).  In 2012 they won the Gold Medal in Biathlon Games and the Bronze in the Agility Biathlon at the WAO.  At the 2013 WAO, Lori and Solei earned the Gold Medal in the Individual Agility Pentathlon, the Silver in the Agility Biathlon and contributed to USA winning team Gold.  Team Gold was repeated in 2014 along with a Bronze in Games.  They helped USA earn the Silver in Team in 2015.  Lori and Solei were also members of the 2014 IFCS Team and earned individual medals in Agility and Gamblers.   They were also 3-time members of the AKC/USA Agility World Team.  At the 2015 FCI Agility World Championships in Italy she and Solei had 4 clean runs an help their team earn 3rd in the Agility class and they individually finished 10th in the world! 

Lori's current dogs include Mooz (BC) who was named to the 2020 European Open team as an alternate and Aero (Sheltie) who was recently selected as an alternate on the 2022 EO team.  Lua (BC) is just starting her competition career and C-ya (BC) is now retired from competition, but gets to help Lori instruct on a regular basis and is the official greeter at All Star Dog Sports in Blue Springs, Missouri. 

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